Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Might not be a lot, but I feel like I'm making the most..."

We took a little family vacation at the end of May. Here are a few pictures of the awesome time we had at Huntington and Venice Beaches.

Here is Finn body boarding at Huntington Beach. This kid loves the water and has no fear of the waves. He'd head out to the ocean and we'd look up a few minutes later and he'd be 50 yards down the coast, oblivious to how far he'd gone. He must have been a fish in another life...okay, maybe a whale.

Here is Jonas doing his "Bertleman" in the parking lot at Huntington Beach.

Rio was bribed with this Thomas kite the whole road trip. He was so excited when Glen finally got it out. Kites are a funny thing, especially at the beach. They go up and stay up so easily that once it was in the air we were kind of like, " Okay, now what?". Rio had a blast on the beach and running from the waves. I am pretty sure he is still pooping sand.

Here is Medusa. Maybel would like the beach more if it wasn't so sandy and windy. She does have fun collecting seashells, crabs, and random garbage. She is also the only one smart enough to bring a change of clothes and underwear every time. She's not a fan of driving home with a bum full of sand!