Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here is the tag: You post the 4th picture from the 4th photo folder. It's doesn't really get more random than this!

This from Finn's preschool graduation. They did a little play where they all dressed up as Nursery Rhyme characters. They were assigned a character and the parents had to make the costume. Yes, I did make the hat myself. Yes, we still have it if anyone is interested in being the Muffin Man for Halloween.

We all thought this character was fitting for Finn because {aside from his affinity for any type of pastry} we used to sing, "Do you know the Chubby Man?" to the tune of "Do you know the Muffin Man" {duh!} to him when he was little.

Wow! that ended up being a really long sentence and I am not even sure if it was "proper". Okay, now I am sure that I am rambling. Sorry, I was trying to make this seem like a great post since I am too lazy to do anything else. I'll stop now. Anyone else who is looking for something quick to post so they don't look like a slacking blogger I TAG YOU!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Glen makes his Family Blog debut!

See, he DOES exist!

And that's an honest to goodness smile, cameras don't catch that very often!