Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Evenin' at SoJo Sk8 Park

That's South Jordan Skate Park for those of you who are not as down as me.
This is my favorite time of year. The weather was perfect. The park was not too crowded, though it could use some benches for spectators. Maybe I should write a "Mom's Review" for all of the local parks since I've almost hit them all!

Jonas getting some air on one of the transition corners. I think I just made that up. It sounded good though, right? After every run he would come and look at the picture I got and then say, "Ugh, that wasn't high enough". I don't think he realizes how a picture taken from a bad angle never does it justice.

{Here is where all the pictures of Glen were that he made me take out.
He doesn't suppport my blogging addiction. }

Adjust the what?

This one whined the whole time unless a camera was pointed at her.

Kids, this is why you don't inhale! Rio sucked in, instead of blew out, a dandelion. He got a mouth full of seeds. Not too good, I suspect.

See how down I am.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Shocks, Pegs...Lucky!

This is how Rio is transported around the neighborhood. I wasn't kidding when I said Jonas was totally devoted to Rio. To most this may not seem safe, but trust me when I say that Jonas is like a super protective mother hen. So that would make Rio a baby chick, who rides pegs.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well, most of the time. Not so much if you're a Democrat in Utah, but that's another soapbox for another time.

I really just want to know your opinions on some
"blogging etiquette"
What are your thoughts on comments, should you post one to someone you don't know? How about someone you know, but aren't that close to or haven't seen in a while?
Do you think that people will really come and find you if you post too much info on your blog? What's too much?
Post your comments. I am just curious to what other people think, so I don't want to say what I think, yet. And don't worry that I will think you are a
blog-stalking-random-comment-posting-psycho, because I think I might be one too!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ode to My Forever Baby...

I am actually emotional typing this post. Ridiculous, I know, but he is my baby. My baby turns three tomorrow. If you haven't had "the baby" yet you might not see this as a big deal, but it is. When your first or second child turns three you are excited, looking forward to all the big things to come. When it's your last baby it is much more heart wrenching.

Looking for pictures to post was pretty sad too, I don't have many. With Rio I have taken more professional pictures and less of my own. At one point I thought this was a good idea, now I wish I had more of the cute little faces that you can only catch at home.
In this picture Glen is singing "Rock-A-Bye Baby" in this awful opera voice. Rio would pull this face and whimper. We thought it was hilarious. Nice parents.

Here he is four months-old and happy, as usual. Rio was such a good baby from day one. I am not sure if there has ever been a baby more loved by his siblings. When I first brought him home from the hospital I can remember Maybel being frustrated that I was holding {nursing} him all the time and she couldn't. She got mad and yelled, "He's our baby, too!" I was surprised to see how much Finn enjoyed holding him and making him laugh when he got a little older. And Jonas has been, and still is, 100% devoted to his baby brother.
This picture was taken at about 10 months. I really thought his eyes would be blue, but they have become the same color as Glen's, green-blue-hazel. Is that a color?
This was also the last time, in his whole life that he has had short hair. I just can't bear to cut his golden locks!
And this is last year in Santa Cruz. This was his first trip to one of our favorite places on earth. Second, of course to Rio de Janeiro. Are you catching on?
Well, thank you, if you read this far, for letting me gush and relive precious moments of his life. Now I think I will go and find him, bring him into my bed and cuddle him until I cry myself to sleep. Which I should do more often since today he told me, "I am getting bigger, mom, and someday I will turn into a bird and fly away"